Outline of the Demo Site:

This site is intended to demonstrate the CashCrusader Scripts, as well as existing add-ons and plug-ins that are available for them.


Please explore the site and consider the flexibility of Cash Crusader. You can explore both the public pages, from the area you are currently viewing, and the admin area, from this page The password for the admin area is currently 'demo'.


Access to the add-ons and plug-ins is available under the Admin heading in the menu at the top of this page.


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CashCrusader Demo Site

Features Of This Demo Site

  • Access a working model of the Cash Crusader Admin area
  • Access a working Cash Crusader Public Site, customized to show its design flexibility
  • Access working models of Cash Crusader Plug-ins - both public and admin areas
  • Access working models of all Cash Crusader Add-ons - both public and admin areas that are currently available from Scripts-R-Us
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